The Wound Healing Foundation (WHF) is improving the quality of life for wound healing patients and their families through support of awareness, research and education.

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Your tax-deductible support will have a major impact on improving wound care and wound healing. Individual, corporate, and member contributions help us to advance the care of wounds through the funding of research and educational activities. The Wound Healing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

You are welcome to specify or comment on what you would like your donation to be applied to or if you prefer, the Foundation will prioritize and apply your gift based on program needs. Donations may be made electronically below or mailed to the Foundation with a printed donor form. The Wound Healing Foundation may display your name in certain program support acknowledgments unless you prefer to remain anonymous. If you do not want your name displayed, please make a note of it in the message box when donating.

Areas, broad and specific, to consider gifting to:

  • Endowed lectures
    • Thomas K. Hunt Endowed Lecture
    • Future Endowed Lecture
  • Outreach programs
    • Wounded Warrior Athlete Initiative
    • Warrior Care Kits
  • Educational programs
    • Educational resources- Patient oriented
    • Educational resources- Clinician oriented
    • Educational resources- Developing countries
  • Research programs
    • Scholarships and grants
    • Innovation grants
    • Travel scholarships
    • Basic and clinical research grants
  • General fund

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The WHF is a 510(c)3 nonprofit organization.